Save the bees

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Help the bees by replacing boring lawn with a beautiful summer meadow and building a bee hotel.

Why save the bees and other pollinators

Wild pollinators such as bees and humblebees are of great value to people, not the least in the production of food. However the number of wild bees in North America and Europe is decreasing and it is likely that the wild bee is also threatened in other parts of the world. The problem is especially grave in USA because of the large quantaties of chemicals used in agriculture and many bees are treated with antibiotics. This is worrisome as the wild bees is a more effective pollinators than the tame bees. Moreover, relying on fewer species of tame bees for pollination comes at a great risk as pollintation becomes much more vulnerable to disease and other factors. The total value of insect pollination world wide is estimated at 153 billion EUR per year.

Wild bees are in general not agressive and the risk of being stung in your garden is very slim. Please help the wild bees and other pollinators by folling the below tips.

Out with the English garden, in with the natural & wild garden

The "perfect-looking" green lawn is like a dead desert as far as bees and other pollinators are concerned. It provides nothing for the bees - no food, no protection. The wild natural garden however provides bees and other pollinators with protection and food sources.

The summer meadow vs the garden lawn

Replace a section of the garden lawn with a summer meadow of taller grasses and plants that attract bees and other pollinators.

sommaräng in Ultuna Sweden This beautiful summer meadow is not only pleasing to the eye, it is also a paradise for bees and other pollinators

Uppsala, Sweden 2019

green lawn desert This manicured garden lawn is a dead desert for bees and pollinators - not much can live in these artificial places. Even worse if herbicides or other chemicals where used on the grass

sommaräng in Ultuna Sweden

Another example of a nice summer meadow that is beneficial for bees and pollinators

sommaräng in Ultuna Sweden

Another view

Build a bee hotel

Building a bee hotel, a place for wild bees to live and find protection, is easy and fun. Best if you use wood from the surrounding area as in this example.

bee hotel
bee hotel
bee hotel
bee hotel

More effective tips to help the bees

  • avoid using chemicals on your garden lawn
  • let the grass grow tall in a substantial part of your garden lawn
  • grow plants that attract bees and other pollinators. Use local plant species as much as possible
  • provide sources of water for the bees. Fill a shallow dish with small rocks with water and place in a suitable location